He is no elephant!

Everything was both easy and difficult for Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The son of a Prime Minister, with the political system, contacts…

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Everything was both easy and difficult for Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The son of a Prime Minister, with the political system, contacts and many privileges at his fingertips – his political advancement was very easy.

The difficulties began when he became an MP. Despite coming first in the largest electoral district in Greece, he was never given an opportunity by the Karamanlis administration: the “official” excuse was his due to his sister, Dora Bakoyanni, being appointed a Minister. Even in the first Samaras cabinet many became ministers (whose names we cannot even remember today), but not Kyriakos.

When Kyriakos finally became minister, despite his mistakes, he demonstrated a modern and western type of administration. He remained, however, a Mitsotakis. As the son of a successful man he constantly has to prove his worth.

What he did not manage as an MP or minister though, he has achieved as a candidate leader. He started his campaign a bit awkwardly, but the fiasco of the 22nd of November benefited him. With the formerly great center right obviously in a crisis, many thinking votes approached Kyriakos under a different light.

It wasn’t just that he had specific and detailed proposals. He went much further. He refuges to bow down to the so-called ‘barons’ within the party, as well as admitting mistakes in the past – what honest citizen did not feel shame from surrendering Athens to the mob in 2008? His campaign was based on he people, no MPs supported him. After all it is well-known that many of them will offer their support if they are offered something in return, or remain silent to look after their back.

He does not need to prove that he is not an elephant anymore. His honest stance and distancing from his family name make him the most hopeful technocrat for our country. The fact that the Prime Minister’s office expresses its concern over the prospect of Kyriakos prevailing says a lot. It will be the 400,000 New Democracy voters though who will decide whether there will be a prospect for our country in the second round of elections.

Andreas St. Psycharis

Originally published in the Christmas print edition

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