Fears of “united terrorist network” carrying out symbolic attack

The latest developments and instances of armed violence in Greece have caused serious concern to the authorities, which now fear that domestic terrorist and militant organizations may be planning a daring and symbolic attack.

The biggest fear is that prominent figures in organized crime, such as Vasilis Paleokostas, may have established contact and cooperation with urban guerilla and terrorist groups. Paleokostas has been known to idolize Communist partisan leader Aris Velouhiotis and had been assisted by members of the Conspiracy of Fire Cells during an escape attempt.

Christodoulos Xiros’ recent escape and video manifesto further confirm police suspicions that an attack is be immanent, based on how recent activities with fire arms. Additionally, the authorities believe that one of the goals may inspire a generalized state of chaos and suggest that there are at least 15 suspects who are prepared to escalate their actions.

As such, the police have increased security on potential targets with a great symbolic value, such as certain embassies and foreign delegations in Athens for the EU presidency, the Ministry of Finances, the Bank of Greece and media outlets.

Helios Kiosk