EOPYY doctors accuse troika of restricting access to specialists

The EOPYY doctor union has issued a statement denouncing the “inconceivable” troika decision to abolish EOPYY patients of freely visiting specialized doctors with EOPYY coverage. The union believes that this decision is part of greater plan to exclude specialist doctors from primary healthcare.

The union stresses that “this will lead to the tragic deterioration of the quality of healthcare services, the cost increase of healthcare services since every citizen will be forced to pay to see a specialist doctor, the creation ofconditions for corruption and the closure of thousands of clinics and labs, resulting in an explosion of unemployment in the healthcare services sector”.

The union has asked for doctors to defend the patient’s right to freely choose a doctor and the doctor’s right to participate in the EOPYY. They also demand that the Ministry of Health cancels “this effort to downgrade public health”.

The full statement is available here.

Helios Kiosk