Names at last!

Names at last! |

At last! Can those in government and truly (?) in power agree on something? We will back them – if they are serious!

Because every now and again, when they are the opposition, they speak about the media, interests and under-the-table-deals, but avoid mentioning names and are usually vague, as former employees lash out against former employers, so they end up becoming the laughing stock of public life. You can’t hide the true, especially when there are photos and videos.

Fervent preachers of an “a la carte” morality, ignorant, they accuse and threaten to tiptoe out of the limelight as soon as they have to give explanations.

Where are the pimps from “Bairaktaris”? Why will history remember the back door in Maximou Hall? Will Tsipras ever follow up his announcements about finding a solution for the media problem?

It is obvious that those who attack the media are not referring to the newspapers. The television owners are their target. The accusers, just like the Opposition’s leader, do not mention any names. Do they not know them? Why don’t they ask?

At last, let us speak with names. Reading about off-shores is getting tiring.

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