The Peripheries of Western Greece and Northern Aegean have resorted to the State Council, in order to complain about lay offs. The two demand that the third memorandum signed in 2012 be cancelled, as it is unconstitutional.

The Peripheries underline that the way in which jobs are terminated is “wholly unconstitutional”. As with the creation of any job, the state has to justify that abolishing any position will benefit society and the operational stability of the state. Positions are being abolished in a generalized manor, with arbitrary criteria, meaning that experienced and useful civil servants are being laid off, directly threatening the social effectiveness of public services.

Complaints have been made that positions are being abolished based upon the working relationship with the agency they belong to, rather than agency needs. This practice overrides the principle of equality, since it abolishes positions without evaluating the quality of the work, as much as the need to operate the services, regardless of skills, capabilities and efficiency.

The Minister of Administrative Reform’s decree is considered “pseudo-hermeneutic”, since such issues are addressed by article 43 of the Constitution or a Presidential Act, but not a ministerial decree. The two peripheries also pointed out a series of memorandum contradictions with articles of the Constitution