Considerable reduction of fiscal deficit for Jan-May 2013

According to the temporary data from the budget implementation, during the five month period of January – May 2013, the deficit was estimated to be 3.85 billion euros, compared to 10.87 billion euros for the same period in 2012 and the overall target of 7.06 billion euros.

The primary deficit was estimated to be 984 million euros, significantly less than the 2.35 billion euro deficit that was estimated in 2012 (when the goal was 4.16 billion euros).

Net income from the state budget came to 19.15 billion euros, increased by 420 million euros, while the regular budget income increased to 17.432 billion euros, up by 61 million euros.

State budget expenses were reduced by 2.78 billion to 23 billion euros total. The regular budget expenses were reduced by 1.67 billion euros to 21.8 billion euros total, due to the reduction of primary expenses by 1.53 billion euros.

The data on the implementation of the budget is available here and the results and charts of the 5-month period are available here.

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