The ‘Rouvikonas’ anarchist group has published a new secret document in relation to security measures at the Turkish embassy in Athens. In its statement the group commented on the questioning of one of its members and argues that the authorities relied on a censored video uploaded by the group itself.

Despite the court judge admitting that there was a lack of any evidence to prosecute the specific member, rather than absolve him of the charge, decided to postpone the trial for October. The judge claimed that a ‘second video’, not included in the case file, may shed light on the Rouvikonas member’s involvement.

Later on the group claims that the Police is being instructed by the government and Turkish embassy to prosecute and pressure them, as evident by the latest ‘secret’ document they published.

Finally, the anarchist group accuses media for sensationalization and attempting to indirectly link it to the recent shooting outside the embassy of Mexico. This, the group argues, is following the attempts to associate the group with an armed march and the execution of a drug dealer in Exarchia, in an effort to criminalize the group under terrorism legislation.