The union of prosecutors (EEE) has issued a statement, regarding former Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou’s comments on the legal proceedings of the ELSTAT case, which they found to be an “unacceptable intervention in the operation of Justice”.

In their statement, the EEE states that despite reactions to recent comments by representatives of the executive and legislative authorities (such as Minister of Citizen Protection N. Dendias) about terrorism, “similar statements were being made by former Prime Minister G. Papandreou”.

Mr. Papandreou is accused of making derogatory comments and political insinuations about the Financial Prosecutor, who was appointed during Mr. Papandreou’s tenure as PM. These allegations, the EEE suggests, contravene the principle of legality which has impartiality of the courts.

They conclude that Mr. Papandreou and other political divs tend to blame and intervene with the justice system “whenever they feel threatened by the system they created themselves” and that “there are limits, that need to be respected by those who claim to respect the independence of Justice”.