“Athens is Back” is an initiative of the City of Athens, in partnership with the Athens Traders Association and implemented by the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency, aiming to support businesses operating in Athens. As part of this initiative, the “Athens is Back” platform has been launched, inviting local businesses to showcase their current offers and discounts to all residents and visitors.

The “Athens is Back” platform has completed one year of operation, through which more than 830 Athenian companies display their current offers, discounts and events free of charge to the public every day.

The initiative belongs to the Municipality of Athens, which collaborated with the Athens Chamber of Commerce in order to support the city’s businesses and address the effects of the pandemic on the local economy.

Cinemas, restaurants, shops, theaters, cultural venues, hotels and many more businesses, located within the boundaries of the Municipality of Athens, promote, free of charge through “Athens is Back”, not only their offers, but also their planned events in residents and visitors of the city.

On the bilingual platform (Greek – English), on social media, but also on a dynamic newsletter, “Athens is Back” suggestions are posted on a daily basis for all those who want to live an authentic Athenian experience, from a summer cinema and a nice dinner to a summer concert.

In the near future, the platform will acquire its own application for mobile devices, enabling users to have even easier and direct access to offers, thus supporting companies operating in Athens.

From June 2020 until today, the electronic platform, implemented by the Development and Tourism Promotion Company of the Municipality of Athens (EATA), counts more than 1,100 active offers, with the total number of companies that have participated in it having reached 830, while more than 100,000 are the visitors of the website, who are informed every month about the offers and discounts of the Athenian companies.

The “Athens is Back” team is in constant contact with 5,000 local companies, while more than 500 repeat their entries on a regular basis, which confirms the effectiveness of the platform and the positive impact of the initiative.