Editorial: The insanity with taxes

Editorial: The insanity with taxes | tovima.gr

At some point this insanity with taxes must end. The rationale of taxing everything that moves and breathes, without any…

At some point this insanity with taxes must end. The rationale of taxing everything that moves and breathes, without any planning, without a second thought leads nowhere, is counter-productive and above all inefficient. The end result is to have ridiculous situations, such as the recent story of the taxation of work benefits, such as mobile phones, cars and other so-called benefits that are given to employees.

It is a fact that in the past, and to a far smaller extent today, the corporate bigwigs enjoy various benefits in kind which indirectly increase their income. However, the generalized tax raid that the government attempted, even for employees where mobile phones and cars are an integral part of their work, demonstrates inadequacy and irresponsibility.

The occasional tax raids must not only be fair, but they must also appear to be so. For example, you cannot corporate big shoots for free cars and phones and ignore the fact that MPs, military officers and various public sector executive officers enjoy such benefits tax-free. This culture of protecting public employees against those in the private sector must come to an end.

It is high time that the Ministry of Finances and the head of the public revenue services realized that rather than constantly discovering new measures and circulars, they must focus on implementing better and more efficiently the existing provisions. Has the general secretary of public revenue Mrs. Savaidou considered the bureaucratic cost of implementing the –repealed– taxation on mobile phones in relation to the fiscal result? Is all this hassle and effort, the political cost and reaction worth it for a measure that will literally yield crumbs?

They should stop burdening the people with inefficient taxes and try to reduce the bureaucracy a bit. It is insanity to ask taxpayers to carry out their transactions with the tax offices electronically, only for the Taxis network to not be updated properly whenever you need something like a tax clearance certificate, resulting in hours or even days of running around and queuing up in the tax offices…


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