The Ministry of Development and the National Confederation of Greek Commerce (ESEE) have arranged to begin talks next week on the operation of businesses and the expanded Sunday schedule.

Both employers and employees insist that the operation of small businesses (of up to 250 square meters) on Sundays will be disastrous; even larger companies are reluctant about the new measure.

ESEE has suggested that the measure be repealed, under circumstances. The Confederation suggests the operation on Sundays only in tourist zones, seasonal markets and the commercial triangle of down town Athens (which is to be reclassified as a tourist zone).

The results of the ESEE Institute’s research indicate that the payroll cost rise would be 1.82 billion euros or about 25%-30% compared to today. Specifically, small and medium-sized businesses will see their costs rise from 6.51 billion to 8.33 billion euros.