There can be no doubt that the times are tough. Uncertainty is clouding everything and the entire planet seems to be affected by the waves of insecurity.

The world appears to be on the verge of an approaching storm, capable of sweeping away countries, nations and people.

In such troubled times, smaller countries such as ours, are usually exposed and more vulnerable.

More so when they are facing a long-term crisis.

Greece is facing many challenges in this apparent turning point for the modern world.

It is facing a long-term deep financial and social crisis, while on the edge of the most troubled area on the planet.

The threats, following the Turkish crisis, are multiplying and coming closer.

In such times then the Greek political leadership’s primary concern should be to shield the country.

The national interest in the circumstances demands the quick stabilization of the economy, safeguarding our position in the European Union, securing political stability and supporting the interior, while taking initiatives for peace in the broader, tormented area that surrounds us.

Everything else, such as the political games that were played in Parliament yesterday, is inappropriate considering the circumstances and the real needs of the people.

This reflects the lack of understanding that affects large sections of the Greek political leadership and this imposes at least an even stricter crisis upon the Greek people.