An armed assault against New Democracy’s head quarters on Sygrou Avenue took place at 3am on Monday. Preliminary reports suggest two assailants approached the building on a motorcycle and fired with a Kalashnikov assault rifle. Other sources indicate that three assailants were involved and used a car. No injuries have been reported.

The area has been cordoned off by police, who are investigating the scene with the support of the anti-terrorist agency. So far nine shells have been recovered. A burnt car was located on Fleming Street in Paleo Faliro at around 3.10am, which the police believe might have been used by the assailants.

Government spokesperson Simos Kedikoglou spoke to Vima 99.5 and revealed that the assailants targeted the office of PM Antonis Samaras, on the second floor. Mr. Kedikoglou later claimed in an interview to Mega Channel that a bullet was found in Mr. Samaras’ office.

New Democracy secretary Manolis Kefalogiannis stated that “nobody can terrorize democracy, ND, the Prime Minister” and called for a wide condemnation of “extremities”. PASOK’s Communication Officer D. Karydis demanded an investigation of “these despicable acts”, taking the opportunity to scrutinize Opposition party SYRIZA. DIMAR spokesperson Andreas Papadopoulos expressed his fear that should such events carry on there will be victims.

SYRIZA’s spokesperson P. Skourletis condemned the actions and responded to ND “[hoping] that they won’t say today that the opposition is staging attacks with Kalashnikovs against them”. Mr. Skourletis described ND as an extreme-right in competition with Golden Dawn.

The police also issued a statement regarding the attack and the ensuing investigation. Aside from the bullet in Mr. Samaras’ office, another was found on the building’s roof. No details regarding the assailants have been made public. The case is being handled by the Directorate of Special Violent Crimes.