Editorial: The cross and democracy

Editorial: The cross and democracy | tovima.gr

The decision of Mr. Samaras and Mr. Venizelos to forego their privilege to appoint the order of election of MEPs and pass on the responsibility to the people – aside from all the reactions it may cause, mostly due to the surprise it caused – makes the upcoming May elections that more interesting. Regardless of what political intentions may have urged that decision, it is clear that the Greek voter will have the ability to choose the people best suited to serve the country’s interests in the European Parliament.

It is obvious that the decision of the two political leaders is connected to the new conditions that are being shaped in the country’s political scene, aside from their internal partisan intentions. The times when a political leader would make a decision and compose a list of candidates based on his own criteria and his immediate partisan and personal interest, can neither inspire the people, nor serve their partisan needs and intentions. This disdain towards the political system leads to a restriction of leadership expertise and selections that confirm this approach.

The finalization of the ballots will greatly determine whether the decision of the two leaders will carry on. It is a give though that the people will have greater options than in the past. It is up to them to not chose people and executives whose only attribute is their party experience or who have becoming recognizable from yelling as a guest panel on television – if they still exit; instead they can chose new and honest candidates who have established themselves in their professional sector or for their social contribution. We should not forget that many political executives who turned out to be insufficient or corrupt were allowed to evolve with out support and tolerance.

In order to avoid complaining again, we should at least try to vote those are truly worth it, those we believe will fight for our interests and not those who will tell us what we want to hear or those we consider bigger celebrities. Let us not forget that the responsibility of who represents us lies with us.

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