Editorial: The time of the great compromise

Editorial: The time of the great compromise | tovima.gr

The ongoing war of words between the three government partners over the future of public television is the worst method of finding a mutually accepted solution for the problems at hand. It is yet another indication of the government’s cooperation problems and lack of communication. Unfortunately there is no room for petty political games, hegemonic attitudes or one-sided political decisions. They ought to finish with this issue today and stop blaming each other the dead-end they have found themselves in and secure the future of the government through mutual compromises.

The economy, the country, does not have the luxury of an electoral adventure and jeopardize the people’s sacrifices once more because the political system proves it is incapable of operating in the interests of the country, rather partisan interests. They can’t all claim in high tones that they are not interested or pursuing elections and then do all they can to force them, further complicating the political situation with their comments.

They will all be responsible if they do not find a solution and the country enters a new period of instability and uncertainty. Nobody is going to emerge unscathed from a failed attempt to communicate. The government needs to change as soon as possible and to overcome the ERT hurdle, which is only the tip of the iceberg. The country needs a comprehensive recovery plan, a brave reform policy that will not be based on opportunistic improvisation, but will be served by a determined and cooperative leadership. We have suffered enough from half measures, rhetorical competition and miserable compromises. It is time for brave decisions, for a major and creative compromise that will allow the government and country carry on with the effort to break away from the vicious cycle of the crisis.


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