Editorial: Back to being traitors?

It appears that the cultivation of divisions is an essential aspect of SYRIZA’s ideology…

Editorial: Back to being traitors? | tovima.gr

It appears that the cultivation of divisions is an essential aspect of SYRIZA’s ideology and politics. Whoever is not with us, whoever disagrees with us is not just a political opponent, but an enemy… From the election campaign accusation of treason, to either with society or Schäuble! SYRIZA’s strategy to remain in power can be encompassed in this dangerous dilemma.

On the one hand are the authentic defenders of popular interest and on the other the saboteurs of national sovereignty… the underlings of the tough Europeans and IMF. Mr. Tsipras and his ministers cannot understand there are no experts in democracy, that political differences are a given and unavoidable. Only in totalitarian states does the authority consider that everyone must be in agreement.

In the past and during this crisis Greece has paid dearly for such divisive understandings. Political differences, especially in opportunistic games, are not only permissible, they are essential. No government or politician is infallible, more so when they have backtracked to remain in power.

The answer to who is better at defending popular interests will not come from a one-off benefit, however useful it may be for those who will collect, but from the overall policies for addressing the country’s problems. The SYRIZA/Independent Greeks government be proud of its consistency or consequence of its politics, nor can it be proud of the alliances and consent this country needs.

Let them set aside the much used – and inefficient for them – “us against them” dilemmas and so that they may try t serve the country’s greater interests without populism and divisions. They will be judges by that and not the opportunistic handing out f benefits which may a breath of fresh air, but it covers up the major problems that a large section of society faces.


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Helios Kiosk