Two important witnesses testified before financial prosecutors Grigoris Peponis and Spyros Mouzakitis. They were repeatedly questioned about who converted the original list files and distributed them on a USB flash drive.

One of the witnesses is a woman who is said to be very close to former minister G. Papakonstantinou. In the event where the person who converted the files and deleted the former minister’s cousins’ name is identified, that person will also criminal charges. The testimony of a person involved with the case has been found to clarify a number of issues.

In the meantime, the other three suspects, Eleni Papakonstantinou, Symeon Sykiaridis and Andreas Rossonis, cousins of the former minister, will appear before the prosecutors on Friday and will likely be granted a deadline to give their side of the story, regarding the deletion of their names from the “Lagarde List”.

The suspects have been summoned according to article 31 of the Penal Code regarding the inciting the distortion of documents. It is reminded that the sum of 1,222,000 euros found in Eleni Papakonstantinou’s account has been declared to derive from legal sources, without clarifying whether the money has been taxed or not.