The National Council for Radio and Television (ESR) has issued guidelines for the media outlets covering the election campaigns of the candidates in the upcoming European and local government elections. According to the guidelines, media outlets are obligated to present the opinions and advertisements of all candidates. In case the election process is to be repeated, the outlets must devote an equal amount of time for each candidate.

Television and radio stations can only cover the election campaigns of candidates during their news programs. Candidates may only appear twice on any particular nationwide station (including the possibility of a repeat), unless they appear in a professional capacity, unrelated to the elections. Political leaders can appear in organized discussions without limitation, prior to the announcement of candidates, provided that at least three other leaders are participating.

After candidates have been nominated, they may appear on television and radio station discussions without limitation, provided that at least two thirds of nominees from different factions participate in the discussion. The media outlets must explicitly request permission to cover the campaigns of candidates and maintain a balance in their coverage.

Television “lucky games” banned

The NCRTV also decided to enact a complete ban against phone-in quiz shows, at the recommendation of the Gaming Commission (EEEP). According to the announcement the ban affects games involving an element of luck, as well as games that necessitate a financial burden on the player in order win prizes. This typically means games which require the player to phone in on a premium line.