Editorial: They cancelled Montesquieu

It has been two and a half centuries since Montesquieu’s Spirit of the Laws was…

Editorial: They cancelled Montesquieu | tovima.gr

It has been two and a half centuries since Montesquieu’s Spirit of the Laws was published and outlined the separation of powers in Greece, however we have reached the point where we are still working on what is obvious for a well-governed state of justice. Wednesday’s resignations of two vice presidents of the State Council’s association of Judges, while making serious allegations about the president, clearly illustrate the problems that are endemic in the leadership of Justice.

The legally and ethically contentious reasoning – which is highly problematic for the State Council’s integrity – for canceling the debate on the television licenses has prompted a major crisis in the council’s leadership, while raising questions among the public over its independence from government authority.

As argued by the two outgoing vice president’s, how would they respond if an assistant rapporteur or councilor refused submit his recommendation by citing the climate preventing him or her from calmly exercise duties. To this they further argued that it would inconceivable for the 1969 debate regarding judicial officials dismissed by the junta to have been postponed, due adverse conditions.

Given the government’s effort to control the media, the State Council’s delay in issuing a verdict essentially constitutes a denial of justice, as underlined by the two outgoing judges.

This development is one of many other incidents, where justice officials appear to support or tolerate certain government practices and interventions. The Prime Minister recently estimated the outcome of the State Council decision. Similarly, the dismissal of the recently-elected head of the Appeals Prosecution raises questions.

It is not the first time that the executive authority is trying to control Justice. The SYRIZA-Independent Greeks government however has exceeded all boundaries. Everything going on ahs created justifiable concern among the people over the independence of Justice. It is the duty of the judges to prove that they respect its independence and that they will not yield to the demands of those in power.


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