The counter-terrorism police of Thessaloniki have launched an investigation after recovering military-grade weapons from an abandoned house near Kozani in northern Greece.

According to reports, the authorities were lead to the house after a tip off and recovered two battle rifles, at least ten hand grenades, about 2,000 rounds of ammunition, explosives and military fatigues. The 57-year-old man who appears to be the owner claims to be a university professor in Leipzig and claimed to have purchased the weapons about 15 to 17 years ago. The abandoned building is said to belong to a close family member of the 57-year-old.

During the investigation, the authorities examined whether the 57-year-old man had any connections with far-right groups, however there have been no developments. The 57-year-old, who comes from Crete, reportedly told authorities that the weapons were to be used in a “Cretan feast”. He could not however justify the hand grenades and explosives.

The Hellenic Army has been contacted in order to investigate whether the recovered weapons and explosives have been stolen from military facilities.