OAEE green lights outstanding debt settlement

OAEE, the self-employed insurance organization, has approved of the “New Start” settlement that was recently established, which affects about 370,000 self-employed individuals.

Representatives from a number of sectors that are insured at OAEE have expressed their disapproval of the settlement and are protesting outside central and regional OAEE offices. The protesters claim that the settlement is not realistic and want the option to choose their own insurance class.

According to OAEE’s decision, only those who have paid all of their insurance contributions can apply for the settlement. The “New Start” refers to outstanding insurance debts until the 31st of December 2012, offering discounts to the late charge fees. Insurance policy-holders with outstanding insurance contributions from 2013 must first pay those before applying.

Discounts are available according to how soon the insurance policy-holder can pay their debts, ranging from 25% to 50%.

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