The police have announced further details about the brutal stabbing of a Pakistani immigrant on Thursday in Petralona. A 25-year-old and a 29-year-old fireman were arrested shortly after near Syntagma Square.

According to the police’s official press release “the two arrested individuals were riding a motorcycle and concealed the license plate under the seat. When searched, two butterfly knives were recovered and confiscated”. The two men claim they argued with the victim before the fatal stabbing.

During investigations at the homes of the two, the police recovered three butterfly knives, one pocket knife, one blackened blade with a special handle, one air gun, a pair of brass knuckles, ball bearings, two assault rifle bullets, two wooden bats and a slingshot. The police also recovered 50 Golden Dawn election pamphlets. The fireman, who was on a two-week leave from his unit in Markopoulo, has been suspended and referred to a formal administrative investigation.

Opposition party SYRIZA has accused the police of attempting to cover-up the racist motives of the murder and of supporting fascist gangs which terrorize and murder. The police disputed SYRIZA’s claims, by pointing out their mobilization and accusing SYRIZA of exploiting the case for political gains. An anti-racist rally took place at Merkouri Square in Petralona.