A symposium focusing on the Greek diet and its connection with hospitality is being organized by EOT next week. This is the 1st Symposium “Greece – The country of well-being” with the theme “The sustainable Economy of Hospitality in connection with the Greek Diet and Culture” organized by EOT on Tuesday, April 12 at a central hotel in Athens.

The purpose of the Symposium is to explore the possibilities of further promotion and promotion of the Greek Mediterranean diet and authentic local products as the largest untapped national capital of Greece and to highlight the destinations with reference to their cultural heritage and diversity. The Symposium will be attended by politicians and local government officials, executives of the Greek tourism market and distinguished chefs. As part of the Symposium, three specialized panels will be organized, with “host” Mrs. Gerekou.

The 1st panel will discuss “Political synergies in the triptych: Hospitality – Nutrition – Culture” the actions of the state at national and local level for the integration of traditional Greek cuisine and nutrition in the sustainable tourism model will be examined, along with its connection with culture and potential problems in the supply chain and the agri-food sector.

The 2nd panel will focus on “The world of tourism embraces the culture of taste” examining the possibilities of placing local agricultural products in the entire chain of the tourism industry but also on the degree of influence of the integration of traditional Greek cuisine in the hospitality package in its final choice visitor.

The 3rd panel with the theme “Welcome to our kitchen. Welcome to Greece! – The intangible value of gastronomy” will have as its object the ways of deeper acquaintance of the visitors with all the richness of the Greek cuisine, but also the need to connect gastronomy with local identity and cultural heritage.