The 14 regional airports managed by Fraport Greece, have been certified by the International Airports Organization (ACI World) for their commitment to passengers, staff and other social partners, in implementing appropriate measures and best practices, aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus. This is a important certification for 14 of the most popular tourist portals in the country a few days before the official opening of tourism for the summer of 2021.

The main pillars of the certification are the high level of cleaning and disinfection of all areas and surfaces of the airport, the information of the passengers in all areas of the airport as well as the training of the staff for the implementation of all the guidelines provided by the competent health authorities.

“From the first day of taking over the management of the 14 airports, the safety of passengers, users, and employees has been a key priority for us. With the new conditions created by the pandemic, it is our duty to do our utmost to protect the passenger public, airport workers, and public health as a whole. In this light, we faithfully follow all the protocols and instructions of the Authorities, applying all those measures that protect against the virus and its spread. The relevant certification by the International Airports Organization guarantees that our commitments for the safety of passengers and local communities are being implemented “said the General Manager of Business Operations of Fraport Greece, Mr. Ilias Maragakis.

According to the relevant announcement, since the beginning of the pandemic, Fraport Greece has invested significantly in the training of its human resources for the management of the health crisis, has provided the necessary resources and means for the implementation of the health protocols, for the protection of health and the safety of passengers, and members of the airport community.

The company is in regular contact with the International, European, and National Aviation Organizations as well as with the National Health Services Organization, in order to adapt its procedures based on the evolution of epidemiological data and the best practices of the industry and the employees faithfully follow all the instructions from experts and authorities.

After the completion of the modernization and upgrade works of the 14 airports, this certification comes to contribute to the general feeling of comfort and security that the airports create to the guests who will choose them for their travels.