Editorial: Mr. Mitsotakis’ duty

it is crucial for the main opposition party to be extremely well prepared and well structured, so as to credibly manage the great problems of the country.

There is a common conviction that the deadly wildfire in Eastern Attica will have a catalytic impact on political developments.
Whatever reserves of trust had been maintained by the Tsipras government literally vanished. The tragedy highlighted to the greatest possible extent the political and administrative inadequacies of the unusual coalition government that has governed the country for the last three-and-a-half years.
It also revealed the lack of coordination in public administration and the breakdown in the Fire Service and Greek Police.
These events created a current of insecurity among citizens and produced a general climate of disapproval throughout the country.
The prime minister now faces an unprecedented level of distrust, and his government is at the verge of collapse, as government members themselves admit, as they see that the prospects of a reordering of governmental forces are limited.
That is essentially because the government’s ability to rule has been battered.
Whomever one may ask, one will not hear a word of sympathy or even tolerance for those in power, but only voices of rage and disapproval.
Those who closely follow the reactions of public opinion know that the already damaged government was dealt an enormous and unmanageable blow.
Under these conditions, the total collapse of the government is simply a matter of time.
That means that the duty of the opposition, and especially of the main opposition party, has multiplied.
Given the way political events in the country are evolving, the responsibility of governance will at some point pass, almost ineluctably, to Mr. Mitsotakis’ New Democracy party.
Because there are many bitter experiences from such sudden handovers of power in the recent past, it is crucial for the main opposition party to be extremely well prepared and well structured, so as to credibly manage the great problems of the country.
Let no one in Mr. Mitsotakis’ team doubt that if there are extraordinary political developments, it will be necessary immediately after the elections to implement a comprehensive plan for the reorganisation and recovery of the country.
Mr. Tsipras’ government will leave behind an uncoordinated public administration and a defeated state, without cohesion and discipline, a population that is disappointed, and an economy with over-taxation that is gasping, without a vision for growth, and a country encircled by “enemies” and “allies”, who have their own plans and interests in the broader region.
It is Mr.Mitsotakis’ duty, therefore, to prepare his party effectively, with knowledge of the issues and problems that it will have to manage, and with comprehensive plans and internal consistency. He must select from the start worthy individuals that are capable and willing to do everything necessary to carry out the difficult task of organising the rebirth of the country.
Those in the government camp who are in a self-satisfied manner preparing for ministerial posts should not harbour self-deceptions.
The period that will follow will not be a cake walk. It will require sacrifices, toil, and unflinching efforts.
The era of a simple transfer and enjoyment of power is gone forever.
Citizens have demands. They seek guarantees of progress, and individuals who are trustworthy and capable of working with faith and passion for the good of the country.

Otherwise, they will share the fate of their predecessors, whom everyone now pities.

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