New SYRIZA/Independent Greks coalition government inaugurated

The inauguration of the new coalition government between SYRIZA and the Independent Greeks took place on Wednesday…

The inauguration of the new coalition government between SYRIZA and the Independent Greeks took place on Wednesday morning. Many of the members in the second SYRIZA/Independent Greeks coalition government were also in the previous cabinet.

Prime Minister: Alexis Tsipras
Government Vice-President: Yannis Dragasakis

Ministry of Interior and Administration Reconstruction

  • Minister: Panos Kouroumplis
  • Deputy Minister: Yannis Balafas
  • Alternate Minister of Administrative Reform: Christoforos Vernardakis
  • Alternate Minister of Civil Protection: Nikos Toskas
  • Alternate Minister of Migration Policy: Yannis Mouzalas
  • Deputy Minister of Macedonia-Thrace: Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha

Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism

  • Minister: Giorgos Stathakis
  • Alternate Minister of Tourism: Elena Kountoura
  • Deputy Minister of NSRF Issues: Alexis Charitsis
  • Deputy Minister of Industry: Theodora Tzagri

Minitry of National Defence

  • Minister: Panos Kammenos
  • Alternate Minister: Dimitris Vitsas

Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs

  • Minister: Nikos Filis
  • Alternate Minister: Sia Anagnostopoulou
  • Alternate Minister for Research and Innovation: Kostas Fotakis
  • Deputy Minister: Theodosis Pelegrinis

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Minister: Nikos Kotzias
  • Alternate Minister of European Affairs: Nikos Xydakis
  • Deputy Minister: Dimitris Mardas
  • Deputy Minister: Yannis Amanatidis

Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights

  • Minister: Nikos Paraskevopoulos
  • Alternate Minister for Corruption Issues: Dimitris Papangelopoulos

Ministry of Labor, Social Insurance and Social Solidarity

  • Minister: Giorgos Katrougalos
  • Alternate Minister for Social Solidarity: Theano Fotiou
  • Alternate Minister for Combating Unemployment: Rania Antonopoulou
  • Deputy Minister for Social Insurance Issues: Anastasios Petropoulos

Ministry of Health

  • Minister: Andreas Xanthos
  • Alternate Minister: Pavlos Polakis

Ministry of Culture and Sports

  • Minister: Aristides Baltas
  • Deputy Minister of Sport: Stavros Kontonis

Ministry of Finances

  • Minister: Euclid Tsakalotos
  • Alternate Minister: Tryfon Alexiadis
  • Alternate Minister: Giorgos Houliarakis

Ministry of Environment and Energy

  • Minister: Panos Skourletis
  • Alternate Minister of Environment: Yannis Tsironis

Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks

  • Minister: Christos Spirtzis
  • Deputy Minister: Dimitris Kammenos

Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy

  • Minister: Thodoris Dritsas

Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food

  • Minister: Evangelos Apostolou
  • Alternate Minister: Markos Bolaris

    Minister of State: Nikos Pappas
    Minister of State for Coordinating Government Operations: Alekos Flampouraris
    Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister: Terrence Quick
    Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister and Government spokeswoman: Olga Gerovasili

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