Editorial: “The historic opportunity and great responsibility”

As of today Greece is turning a page. A great majority f the people decide to give a left-wing party a historic opportunity…

Editorial: “The historic opportunity and great responsibility” | tovima.gr

As of today Greece is turning a page. A great majority f the people decide to give a left-wing party a historic opportunity. SYRIZA and Mr. Tsipras are assuming a great responsibility to manage the future of country during a critical period. They now have the opportunity to prove that they can implement their pre-election promises, to create a new relationship with Europe. The next day, obviously, will not be easy. There are many open fronts and the expectations are high.

By casting their vote, the Greek people denounced the parties that have so far managed the crisis. After PASOK, New Democracy suffered a major defeat. The two major parties which have run the country for the past decades have shrunk dramatically, as the people largely blamed them for the country’s current state. It is the first time that a part from the left is called upon to assume leadership of the country. To prove in practice that it can distribute the burden of the crisis in a fairer way; to establish a new relationship between the citizen and the state, without any political or clientelist dependencies and above all, to negotiate better terms in our relationship with our creditors.

The next day though must be different to what we experienced in the election campaign period. The polarizing conflict, the division, the fear must give way to hope, like SYRIZA promised, as well as a rudimentary national consensus. Because recent experience has proven that no party, no mater how much of a majority it may have and no matter how powerful it may be on its own, can tackle the problems that plague the country on its own.

The government that SYRIZA will form has a historic opportunity and great responsibility. The people gave him a mandate and not a blank check, like Mr. Tsipras himself admitted. The hope of the overwhelming majority of the Greek peoples, which accompanies this mandate, is that he keeps his promises, so that the uncertainty can finally end, so that the country can turn to the future and finally overcome the sins of the past.


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