Georgiadis: “If the government falls, not a single euro will be left in the banks”

New Democracy’s spokesman in Parliament Adonis Georgiadis made an audacious claim on Tuesday morning, that if the current…

New Democracy’s spokesman in Parliament Adonis Georgiadis made serious claims regarding the economy on Tuesday morning, arguing that if the coalition government were to collapse, then the banks would run out of money.

Mr. Georgiadis made the claim on Mega Channel’s morning show, where he accused the main opposition party of having a “hidden agenda about the drachma” and stressed “that is why there will not a be a single euro left in the banks if the government falls”.

The New Democracy officer further questioned “will I leave my money [in the banks] so that [SYRIZA MP] Varemenos can take it?” and argued that the bank run would take place before SYRIZA could even come to power.

SYRIZA MP Giorgos Varemenos, who was also present at the television interview, responded “if there are banking authorities they must intervene for what is going on in this country” and added that “What they are doing has exceeded all measure”.

Mr. Varemenos further noted that “Mr. Georgiadis is not the village fool. Unfortunately he is a ND officer and former minister. ND traded in fear as long as it could. It is an ‘old calendarist’, Paleolithic party that during Mr. Samaras’ [leadership] has stooped to the level represented by Mr. Georgiadis”.

Helios Kiosk