According to a study conducted by EUvox on European political parties, three Greek parties – the Olive Tree, the River and Drasi – are in the top 5 “pro-Europe” parties. At the top of the list in the Spanish Bloque Nacionalist Galego, followed by the Greek parties. The study revealed that the Ecologist and Green parties across Europe, especially in the South, are pro-Europe.

SYRIZA was tied with the British Labor party and the Cypriot DIKO, among others, in the 105-118th place, while New Democracy was tied with parties such as the Italian NCD-UDC and EDEK from Cyprus in 120-130th place. DIMAR along with the Ecologists/Green were tied in the 196-217th place.

Meanwhile parties from the more senior EU member states tend to be against the European union, with Marine Le Pen’s far-right Front National, the Dutch PVV, Austrian EU-STOP, the Danish People’s Party, the Swedish Democrats and the British UKIP being amongst the most anti-European parties. The most anti-EU party in Greece appears to be Golden Dawn, ranking 25th overall, followed by ANEL and the Greek Communist Party.

The listing was based on the political ideologies of each party, rather than their origin. As such nationalist parties and parties with strict anti-immigration policies are amongst the most anti-European parties.

The full results are available on, where users will also have the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire and find out which political parties are the closest to their political beliefs.