The Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, sent an optimistic message about the course of tourism, noting that the goal has been achieved, as we are over 60% of 2019.

As he said, speaking to SKAI, “the decision for Mykonos was taken for the protection of our tourist product. The image that Greece is a country in which the pandemic is out of control would endanger our tourism product. The image that Greece has a government that is above the problem and can make quick decisions to put the brakes on is an image that advertises Greece everywhere as a health-safe country. Reservations are going very well despite the rise of the pandemic. By the end of July the targets for 40% of 2019 have been far exceeded. Today we are over 60% of 2019. If we maintain our good course in August and September, we will have achieved the budget target and largely heal the financial loss of 2020,” he said.

Also, the Minister of Development revealed that authorities yesterday locked down in a nightclub in Attica, for 7 days  due to non-compliance with the measures taken to reduce the pandemic.

“Last night we had to close a club We found a club in Attica, with a lot of people, all standing and dancing, without any measure being observed. We closed it for 7 days and imposed a fine of 5,000 euros. The laws apply to everyone. “Some people can not do what they do not see,” he said characteristically.

Regarding the mandatory vaccinations for health professionals, the Minister of Development described the announcement of union of health professionals as “shameful” , stating that “if a health professional is unvaccinated and asymptomatic, he can kill patients. The Union provides a veil of protection to irresponsible health professionals who do not want to be vaccinated “.

Asked if compulsion is being considered in the catering industry as well, he noted that “addressing the categories of workers who should be vaccinated is not a simple government decision. The Bioethics Committee, which examines all the data, suggests to the Minister of Health and he decides. Of course, for the catering, it is important that the employees are all vaccinated “.