The Mediterranean, besides a common place of cultures and religions, is an area of shared experiences. We are communities with distinct characteristics” argued Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at the annual Euromed Summit, adding that “we therefore have a common interest to work together to promote joint initiatives and priorities at a European level”.

During his opening speech the PM argued that it is not just the outcome of the financial or refugee crisis at stake, but rather the cohesion of Europe itself, its ability to address all of its crises with solidarity and efficiency. The Greek PM accused the European Union of lacking a clear political will to tacklle the financial and refugee crisis, as well as enforcing its decisions on member-states. Without solidarity, which he underlined is a cornerstone of a united Europe, “we are sleepwalking towards the ‘dark Europe’ of the 20th century”.

Our country is not only fulfilling its obligations in the refugee crisis. We are also implementing the agreement we signed in July 2015” stated the Prime Minister. He added the same Eurogroup decision also binds Greece’s creditors and called them to fulfill their obligations in retain the country’s debt.