The mini-Summit on the refugee and migration crisis concluded with a 17-point plan, which includes a provision for rent subsidies for the accommodation of 20,000 refugees from the UNHCR.

According to the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, the efforts at the mini-Summit prevented the establishment of “ghetto” that would house 50,000 refugees in Athens. Greece is to receive support and funding from the UNHCR as a necessary condition, in order for the emergency relocation system to operate, according to a statement that followed.

Furthermore, it further coordination and close cooperation with Turkish authorities are needed, in order to implement the initial plan agreed to address the refugee influx. According to the recent deal, Turkey will receive EU funding and its citizens will be allowed to travel visa-free in Europe.

As for FYROM, the Summit statement notes that bilateral trust-building measures must be implemented regarding the protection of its common borders with Greece. Greece, FYROM and Albania will increase efforts in managing their borders. Additionally, Frontex will increase its presence in the Aegean and assist Greek authorities in documenting arriving refugees and migrants.