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We have seen this play out before! As time goes by, it becomes increasingly apparent that the current Prime Minister…

Alexis or Andreas |
We have seen this play out before! As time goes by, it becomes increasingly apparent that the current Prime Minister is walking in the steps of Andreas Papandreou. Their political ideology is relevant, they are both distinguished for their fighting spirit, while their strategic moves and particular tactics suggest they are not many differences between the two.
They had a common start, from the greater Left. They were surrounded by historical divs from the anti-right side. They preached about a deep political Change, to the point of an overthrow.
PASOK, soon after being founded, demonstrated some of the perpetual problems of introversion that are specific to the greater Left. Papandreou did not hesitate to purge his party from officers who stood up. The winning streak of PASOK was based on the discipline imposed by its leader on everyone – from the lowliest consultant to the ministers – who entered the room in Parliament.
Of course SYRIZA has not quite reached that level of discipline, but you never know what is going to happen! The first “purge” however took place with the departure of Lafazanis, while the departure of the 53 dissidents was prevented (others say postponed) at the last moment.
The similarities between PASOK and SYRIZA are obvious in even their declarations. Both parties speak about National Sovereignty while remaining a NATO member. They both remain focused on the West, after all that is why PASOK supporters are migrating to SYRIZA!
Both parties base their policies on pro-friendly declarations, which are often delayed and ultimately become unfulfilled dreams.
No further proof is needed to illustrate the connection between the two parties.
The people who vote one way or the other are obviously happy because the dominant party is already on the path that leads to the Center Left.
Mr. Tsipras has the responsibility of the political developments. More so though, he has the responsibility of the actions and omissions in exercising government policy. The people do not just want ideologies, they want food and all the goods which the bailouts deprive.
Stavros P. Psycharis
Originally published in the Sunday print edition
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