Angela Gerekou departs from PASOK to join New Democracy

The deputy Minister of Culture Angela Gerekou announced on Thursday morning that she will be running with New Democracy…

The deputy Minister of Culture Angela Gerekou [pictured] announced on Thursday morning that she will be running with New Democracy in the upcoming general elections.

Mrs. Gerekou had been an active member of junior coalition government partner PASOK in the past four general elections since 2004, having been elected in Kerkyra. Only a few days ago Mrs. Gerekou claimed that she was going to remain with PASOK in the elections.

In her statement Mrs. Gerekou notes that “the people demand a clear position, consistent stance and responsible attitude” and that she continues to “believe that cooperation and unity is the only path to reconstruction of the center left”. She explained that she united with “those who defend the need for a powerful third pole, with an enhanced position in a long-term cooperation government”.

This development has caused anger and frustration at PASOK, with a various officers arguing that it was a “despicable move” and that “it is inconceivable that Mr. Samaras will assume such a political cost”. There were also reactions within the ranks of New Democracy though, particularly from Stefanos Gikas, who was New Democracy’s candidate in Kerkyra.

Response from Evangelos Venizelos

The president of PASOK Evangelos Venizelos sent an open letter to New Democracy leader expressing his frustration and criticizing Mrs. Gerekou’s departure from PASOK. Mr. Venizelos stated that he «did not expect that the New Democracy would collaborate in such an immoral and ugly political act, such as that of Mrs. Gerekou in Kerkyra. On an island of civilization and decency. Pity. «

Mr. Venizelos later appeared on Star Channel, where he spoke of «indecent and opportunistic behaviors»,
«phenomena of decline» «and «homeless officers have no problem changing roof». The PASOK also expressed his sadness for this development after having coming to a consensus with Mr. Samaras.

Former DIMAR MP Economou included on State Deputies ballot ticket

Furthermore, New Democracy’s press office announced that the independent MP Vasilis Economou, formerly of PASOK and later DIMAR, will be included in the party’s State Deputies ballot ticket. The statement did not clarify what position Mr. Economou will have on the ballet ticket.

Others who are rumored to be included in New Democracy’s State Deputies ballot ticket include the Minister of State Dimitris Stamatis and the Prime Minister’s consultants Chrysanthos Lazaridis and Stavros Papastavrou.

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