The Expendables

How did they used to call it? Ah yes, it was the illustrious “success story”; that is how the government’s propaganda described…

The Expendables |

How did they used to call it? Ah yes, it was the illustrious “success story”; that is how the government’s propaganda described the Greek affair. They used to say it so often that they almost believed it themselves. They used to say how they had “handled” the debt problem, how growth had returned to Greece, how they wanted a single 15% tax rate and all those other blatant lies with which they bombarded public opinion for months…

Of course all of that was simply fairy tales, as we have said time and time again. The reality is that the government does not have any authority and that it is at the mercy of a troika which is anything but interested in Greece’s progress. It has one and only agenda, its own, which it serves while ruining the country that it is meant to save…

Within this framework, four governments were used up so far and were thrown away, one after the other, just like a printer’s ink cartridge when it runs out…

Currently troika is strangling the country once again, we are essentially witnessing the end and replacement of the Samaras-Venizelos government, which is in danger of being ousted in much harsher terms that the previous governments.

They did the job that they were assigned to do but, unfortunately, they cannot do it anymore. Their role has ended.

The considerations for what will happen afterwards are presently open and in development. There are many scenarios, with Berlin wanting to establish a New Democracy-SYRIZA coalition – PASOK is probably excluded from this equation for being a… negligible force.

The election of a new President will be at the forefront of this operation, which is directly dependant on the troika’s hard stance these days.

At SYRIZA they must carefully calculate what they will do, since the pressure –direct and indirect– which they will feel will be immense.

However, at the same time, they must take into serious consideration that the fate of the expendables – those who once fought against this policy later became its most faithful servants…

Giorgos P. Malouchos

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