Prosecution proposes unprecedented 100 million euro bail for Lavrentiadis

The Appellate prosecutor proposed an unprecedented 100 million euro bail to the judicial council for the release of businessman Lavrentis Lavrentiadis, who is a central div in the Proton Bank case where 701 million euros were given in unsecured loans. Additionally, the bail must not derive from any of the defendant’s frozen accounts.

Mr. Lavrentiadis faces the prospect of such a high bail due to the nature of the crimes committed and because the prosecutor believes that he is still highly suspect of committing further crimes. Aside from the financial crimes, Mr. Lavrentiadis is implicated in the attempted murder of another businessman. As such, the prosecutor proposed a set of restrictions, such as not being allowed to leave Attica and reporting to his local police station three times a month.

The defense attorneys demanded the release of Mr. Lavrentiadis on the grounds of the serious medical problems their client suffers from (including bone deformities) and his overall health, which has deteriorated during his 15 months of detainment at the Korydallos prison. Mr. Lavrentiadis’ lawyers have cited medical reports to support their request.

Aside from Mr. Lavrentiadis, the courts had prosecuted 28 additional suspects for embezzlement, fraud, forgery, money laundry and participating in a criminal organization.

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