A New Democracy poster circulating on social networks regarding the return of bribe money to the Greek state has been heavily criticized by Samaras’ coalition government partners PASOK. The poster boldly claims that “By order of the Prime Minister Antonis Samaras 17,700,000 euros from bribes are returning to the Greek people”.

PASOK’s communication’s officer Dimitris Karydis commented on his facebook profile that “with a distasteful poster (that looks like the advert of a famous pasta company) New Democracy is playing petty political games on the back of the coalition government and Justice’s great effort to return bribe money to public coffers”.

Later, PASOK’s secretary Nikos Androulakis commented on twitter that “The ‘Zappeio’ [promises] of 17 billions are vindicated… if you add three zeros to the end”, alluding to the 2012 election campaigns of Antonis Samaras.