The Minister of Rural Development and Food, Giorgos Georgantas, referred to the main axes of crisis management facing the primary sector due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, during his speech at the Council of Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries in Brussels, noting that the must be immediate and effective.

The Greek minister pointed out the need to increase the amount of the crisis reserve and activate a measure with the use of resources from Pillar 2, called for the removal of any obstacle to intra-Community trade and actions to combat speculation. He stressed the need to increase the liquidity of producers, saying that developments are cataclysmic and require vigilance and determination.

Mandatory registration

According to a statement from the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, Mr. Georgantas stressed the need to establish a system for mandatory recording and sending of data on agricultural stocks to each Member State on a monthly basis, as this is, as he said, indeed a way avoid misleading and creating impressions about the market situation, which favor speculative phenomena.

He praised the actions of the G7 Agriculture Ministers presented today by Germany, for a coordinated action globally to deal with a possible food crisis, both in the Union and in Ukraine and in vulnerable third countries.

What the Commissioner for Agriculture said

Finally, according to the same announcement, the EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski, during the meeting, confirmed that he will act immediately to activate Article 26 of the new Aquaculture and Marine Fisheries Fund, in order to provide support to professionals. industry, as had been requested many times by the Greek side, due to the increase in production costs.