Low temperatures and strong winds in the Aegean Sea will prevail through Wednesday, the Greek meteorological service (EMY) said on Sunday in an emergency forecast.

EMY forecast intense snowfall at high elevations in eastern Greece on Tuesday.

Light to medium-intensity snowing is expected sporadically on Sunday and Monday in Thessaly, Central Greece, Evia and the south and central parts of the Peloponnese. Snowfall is expected also at semi-mountainous elevations and higher on Crete.

On Tuesday (March 22), snowfall at higher elevations will gradually become more intense from late morning in Central Greece, Evia, Thessaly, the Sporades Islands, Central Macedonia (mainly the Chalkidiki peninsula), eastern Macedonia and Thrace, the eastern Peloponnese, and Crete. Starting in the afternoon to night hours, coastal regions in the above areas may also see sporadic and intense rainfall, which will also occur in the Cycladic and Dodecanese Islands groups in the Aegean.

On Wednesday (March 23), snowfall will be restricted to eastern Central Greece, Evia and on Crete, receding gradually as of the afternoon.