Measures – New health safety measures for the unvaccinated

In detail what the Greek Minister of Health, Vasilis Kikilias, announced

The Greek Minister of Health, Vasilis Kikilias, and the president of the Hellenic Society of Intensive Care Units and Head of the Intensive Care Unit of “Evangelismos” hospital, Anastasia Kotanidou, announced the new measures so as to shield the country against the fourth wave of Covid-19 pandemic. The Minister of Health started his announcements by stating that this pandemic can now be characterized as a pandemic of the unvaccinated ones as the 90% of the patients being in intensive care units haven’t got their vaccine yet. Moreover, he continued by stating that measures for the public health will be applied during autumn, but they will mainly concern the unvaccinated citizens. He concluded, also, by stressing that there will be no extension for the health workers who have not been vaccinated until September 1 and they are going to be suspended from that day.

Measures in force from 13 September to 31 March 2022

Unvaccinated workers in the public and private sector will have to do a laboratory rapid test per week, in private centers and at a price of 10 euros. The results of the test must be posted on the relevant government website (covid free app). School pupils will also have to be tested twice a week, with the self-testing kits being provided to them free of charge by the State, while students at Universities will also have to be tested twice a week, at their expense. As for the travelers, they will have to be tested with a rapid test 48 hours before the trip and the kids will have to be tested with a self-test. Moreover, free tests at public facilities will be limited only to people who have already been inoculated.

As for the entertainment, entrance to cafés, restaurants, clubs and sports venues will be allowed with the proof of a Covid-19 vaccination or recovery. Concerning the cinemas, the theaters, the museums and the archeological sites, both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated ones could visit them, with the unvaccinated ones having to be tested with a rapid test 48 hours before their visit.

Those new measures give to the employers the right to demand proof of vaccination from their employees, while the use of mask will be highly recommended.

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