With the main goal of reducing total direct and indirect CO2 emissions by at least 30% by 2030 in all its business activity, Mytilineos announced its cooperation with the technology company Selcoms-i, which is active in the field of Energy Management, offering solutions including in the field of alternative fuels (biofuels / sustainable fuel supplements).

The collaboration, carried out through the Sustainable Engineering Solutions (SES), envisages the exclusive use and utilization of BOOSTplus, an innovative and 100% “green” fuel. It is essentially a “biological” fuel booster, with a 97% palm oil content, without the addition of synthetic chemicals.

BOOSTplus meets all international fuel and biofuel standards and has the potential, when added to diesel engines, to significantly improve their performance by significantly reducing CO2 emissions due to more efficient combustion. At the same time, it reduces particulate emissions, optimizes fuel consumption and increases engine life, reducing operating costs and thus achieving economies of scale.

As part of its commitments to achieve a carbon footprint, the company is seeking partnerships that are in line with the strategy for sustainable development and have multiple benefits in every aspect of its business.

Indicatively, the use of BOOSTplus can be extended:

. to all construction sites (where oil is used as fuel).

. to the Mytilineos facility (where there are oil burners)

. but also to the company’s diesel vehicles

At the same time, in cooperation with Selcoms-i, the best ways will be sought to promote this innovative fuel, which can act as an adjunct to companies, but also to agencies – public and private – that seek to contribute to the fight against climate change, reducing their environmental footprint.