Some 46 new coronavirus infections, raising Greece’s confirmed cases total to 464, were announced on this evening at the daily briefing by infectious diseases professor Sotiris Tsiodras.

Of these infections, 72 are of undetermined origin.

In total, 78 patients are hospitalised, 16 of whom have been placed on respiratorsin Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras hospitals.
So far 19 patients have been discharged, said Tsiodras.

Greece has had 6 deaths related to coronavirus since the outbreak of the disease.

Meanwhile, the first child of a Covid-19 infected mother was delivered today and is uninfected.

Fast-track medical hires

A total of 45,076 people applied for nursing-related positions, part of the government’s hirings for the coronavirus pandemic, according to regional health service data on Thursday.

Of all the applicants, over 500 have been hired in the last two weeks as nursing staff. The Ministry of Health has already sent regional services over 1,000 approved hirings.

In terms of ancillary doctors, over 100 have been hired, and another 254 approved. They are staffing hospitals, health centers and the emergency ambulance service EKAV.

The authorities said that hirings of both nursing staff and doctors will continue on a daily basis.

(Applications for assistant doctors can be made at the following address: