A new opinion poll conducted by Pulse for Skai television, conducted by telephone between 16-18 September, gives New Democracy a 9.5 percent lead over SYRIZA.

The poll gives New Democracy 31.5 percent, compared to 22 percent for SYRIZA, followed by extreme right Golden Dawn with seven percent, 6.5 percent for the centre-left Movement for Change, and the Greek Communist Party (KKE) with 5.5 percent.

Those would be the only five parties to pass the three percent threshold to enter parliament.
The Independent Greeks, currently the junior ruling coalition partner, garners only 1.5 percent. The Centrists’ Union, currently in parliament, garners only two percent.

Eleven percent of those polled were either undecided or refused to respond, while five percent said they will cast either a blank or spoiled ballot.

A majority of respondents had a negative view of the government’s overall course.

Regarding the Greece-FYROM naming agreement (Prespa Accord), 60 percent of respondents view it probably or certainly negatively, while 28 percent view it probably or certainly positively.

Asked about the government’s management of July’s deadly wildfire in Mati, Attica, 72 percent said their view was either certainly negative or probably negative, and 17 percent said that their assessment is probably or certainly positive.