The spokesperson for main opposition party Giorgos Koumoutsakos argued that the new government cabinet is “far lower than the expectations” and that “nothing can change”. Mr. Koumoutsakos noted that the vast majority of ministers are “worn out”, claiming that the younger and inexperienced ministers will be sidelined.

The New Democracy spokesperson was especially critical of the appointments of Efi Achtsioglou as Minister of Labor, Social Insurance and Social Solidarity, as well as that of Dimitris Papadimitriou as Minister of Economy and Development. The New Democracy spokesperson told the Praktorio radio station that the new Economy and Development Minister has “said similar things to Mr. Varoufakis”.

Regarding the appointment of Nikos Pappas as Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media, Mr. Koumoutsakos commented that despite his failure in relation to the television licensing fiasco, Mr. Pappas is being rewarded and given greater powers.

According to Mr. Koumoutsakos the new government appears to be an “ideological Frankenstein” due to the presence of so many Independent Greeks MPs.