Editorial: Gambles…

The necessary reform of the television landscape is turning into a catastrophe for…

Editorial: Gambles… | tovima.gr

The necessary reform of the television landscape is turning into a catastrophe for the government. The regular anti-democratic and anti-constitutional interventions to control information have caused the opposition and public opinion to coalesce. The parastatal efforts to manipulate Justice and attempting to pass a sketchy bill broke the camel’s back.

The first response to these efforts to influence the State Council revealed the internal conflicts and their problematic strategy. As a result, their effort to form the national broadcasting council in order to legitimize their anti-constitutional practices failed.

Unfortunately for the government not everyone will become an accomplice to a crime. The awkward statements and conflicting arguments used by the government in response to the State Council’s decision reveals the impasse they have reached. Given that the government is constantly targeting and attacking the media, its deconstruction and collapse in the polls suggests that political developments are inevitable.

With society disappointed and angered from the expectations generated by PM Tsipras being refuted, with the negotiations for the second review still open and the highly unlikely prospects of debt relief, the television licenses debacle is leading the government to an explosive situation.

This in turn can result in unpredicted developments. There may not be any impasses in democracy, but it is clear that there is no more room for further gambling in a country where the economy and the people are suffering. Unfortunately the SYRIZA government has proven in recent times that it will not hesitate to gamble the country’s future – with a major cost. Let us hope the government has learned its lesson…


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