The September 2015 general elections had the highest rate of abstention, with about 45% of voters choosing to abstain from the process. Nearly 55% of voters participated in the September elections, compared to 63.62% which participated in the January 2015 election. In the double elections of 2012 65.12% voted in May and 62.49% in June.

The abstention rate was 25.13% in the 2000 elections, 23.5% in the 2004 elections and after 2007 there have been minor fluctuations: In 2009 the abstention rate was 29.05%, in May 2012 it was 34.88%, in June 2012 it was 37.51% and in January 2015 it was 36.38%.

The rate of white votes appears to be in line with the rate in previous elections, around 2.5%. This rate is considered ‘typical’, with the only dramatic shift being documented in the June 2012 elections, when the rate was 0.99% and SYRIZA emerged as a major opposition party.