Police officials speaking to To Vima have revealed that there have concerns of an immanent militant attack taking place during the troika’s current visit in Athens. The police fear that emergent urban guerilla groups, such Group of Popular Fighters (OLA), as well as known urban guerillas Nikos Maziotis and the recently-escaped Christodoulos Xiros, may be planning an armed attack in Athens.

To that end, a special online camera surveillance system was installed at New Democracy’s central offices on Sygrou Avenue, which will allow the police to have a clear picture of what is going on outside the offices. Additionally the police will install cameras and increase its surveillance of 30 other political offices, embassies and public buildings such as the Ministry of Public Order and the Central Police HQ.

The recent attack against the German ambassador’s residence, including the failed rocket attack against a German car dealership in Varybobi, as well as the unclaimed arsenal discovered in an abandoned, stolen car in Paleo Faliro last month, have lead the police to believe that a new attack is being planned.

The police believe that a militant group may be in the process of updating its arsenal, as it appears that the batch of RPG rockets thought to be used by Maziotis are defective.