Greece’s spectacular tourism recovery is reported by the British Guardian, noting that in 2022 travel from the United Kingdom set a record, while in 2023 the British presence in Greece is expected to be even stronger.

According to the report, last season for the first time, the British who visited Greece were more than the Germans- who had been in the first place for decades- while the country’s tourist recovery helped develop the Greek economy after 5.6 pandemic. %.

Greek Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias told the Guardian that the British, who are Big Spenders- are leading Greek tourism. “Yes, there may be an energy crisis, very high inflation and war in the heart of Europe with households being forced to make savings, but data show that the British do not sacrifice their summer vacations,” Mr Kikilias said.

For his part, the president of the Panhellenic Hoteliers Association (POX) Grigoris Tassios points out that from the bookings it appears that in 2023 travel from Britain will be as good, if not better, compared to 2022, stressing that in the international A World Travel Market exhibition held last November in London, Tour Operators requested more flights and more beds.

The Guardian also notes that in 2022 American travelers returned massively to Greece. As ιτ points out, Greece was among the places with the most visits ον the planet in 2022, with the tourist season expanding ιν the country as it began in March and ended in late November.