The Independent Labor Inspection Authority, as part of a joint European action, carried out inspections at workplaces that present a high probability of cases of human trafficking, for the purpose of labor exploitation.

The audits focused on workplaces in the agricultural sector, such as farms, packing houses for agricultural products, sorting points, livestock units, poultry farms and olive mills. Particular emphasis was placed on where – according to information – Ukrainian workers are employed.


So far, 207 checks were carried out, 49 violations were confirmed and 37 fines were imposed, totaling 238,250 euros. The checks were carried out in collaboration with the Greek Police, given the nature of the incidents, their responsibilities and experience in dealing with such cases.

In addition, as part of informing seasonal workers, the Labor Inspectors distributed leaflets (translated into the languages ​​of the workers, from countries such as Albania, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Ukraine), with information on their labor rights, according to Greek Labor legislation.


The fight against human trafficking is part of the European Union’s priorities for the period 2022-2025, regarding the fight against serious and organized crime and the dismantling of criminal networks.

At the same time and on the day of the pan-European day against human trafficking (October 18), the Independent Labor Inspection Authority announced that it is proceeding with the start of cooperation with the international organization A21, which joins the fight against human trafficking. The joint undertaking of actions to inform and raise awareness of the social whole regarding the crime of human trafficking, which also takes the form of labor exploitation, is being considered.

A21 is active in 14 countries, having an active presence in Greece as well. Among other actions, there is a 24-hour information line (1109) where anyone can safely get information and report suspicious incidents.