A Greek island is included in Travel + Leisure magazine’s new list of the 15 best destinations in the world recommended by tourism professionals. The well-established annual list of the popular American magazine is based on the evaluations of certified travel experts and includes Patmos for 2022. According to the tribute, Patmos has remained true to its genuine character and traditional architecture, combines sophistication with world-class monuments, and is also suitable for remote work.

“The beautiful island of Patmos (a personal favorite of mine) in Greece… is ideal for working remotely. Elegant and with historical significance (its capital, Hora, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Patmos has stayed faithful to its traditional architecture and character. Our team has been building the beautiful Petra Hotel, with just eleven rooms, an unpretentious, homey atmosphere, and delicious food,” wrote Christos Stergiou of True Trips.

The list

Rounding out the list are Japan, Australia, French Polynesia, India, Umbria, Italy, Kenya, Trieste, Mallorcan villages, London, Alaska, Tuscany, Sri Lanka, glamping in the US and the Mediterranean cruise.

“The Island of the Apocalypse  has a unique combination of authentic experiences and quality tourism services in light of the UNESCO world heritage sites, namely the Hora, the Holy Cave of the Apocalypse and the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian. For the current season, the destination achieves excellent performance with very high occupancy rates for August as well as September, targeting an audience with special interests,” noted the mayor of Patmos, Lefteris Pentas.